Dr. med. Dorothea Fuckert


Für 2017 sind keine Seminare und Ausbildungskurse in Deutschland geplant.

The Newton Institute World Conference – Weltkonferenz des Newton Institute, May 2017, USA

“This next year of 2017 is an exciting one for our organisation. In May, we will be gathering our LBL Therapists from around the world in our home country of the USA for our inaugural TNI World Conference. We are doing this for a few reasons, though a real focus for us, is to gather to honour Michael Newton, following his passing in September 2016. We are now the sole custodians of his incredible legacy for humanity and it is a responsibility we take very seriously.

At TNI, we all know that the windows we create into the spiritual realm for our clients, bring light to our planet from that place of unconditional love, enduring peace and immortal compassion. As we come together in May, we wish to open a doorway that brings even greater energy through into a world that has too many shadows. The consciousness of humanity is evolving and when people come together to focus on that intention then the world can change.

Further to that, to have a room full of talented and passionate LBL Therapists from all countries and cultures, helps us to further our collective purpose as we bring this offering to the world.

No matter who you are and what you do, we all have one thing in common. We are immortal consciousness, here in human form. The spiritual realm is our true home that we will one day return to. The different belief systems that we all cherish, the philosophies we are drawn to follow, the things that are important to us are all just one thing. They are avenues of evolution that we chose at the level of our soul, to continue to evolve our eternal consciousness.

In a troubled world, the holding of this knowing allows us to transcend that which troubles the human part of who we are.”
(Peter Smith, President Michael Newton Institute)


Augenblicke von Hermann Hesse

Jeder Mensch ist nicht nur er selbst. Er ist auch der Einmalige, ganz besondere, in jedem Fall wichtige und merkwürdige Punkt, wo die Erscheinungen der Welt sich kreuzen, nur einmal, so und nie wieder.